Come, look closer, see. See, look closer still.
Those little trees ordaining your mountains
Are heavy with olives. Your turquoise halo
Is a peaceful lapping balm that will fill
Those with the sense to stop in silence, shouting,
Your pale sands give depths unto the shallows.
They are stones and pebbles, and each contains
A world of colour, contours, cracks, beauty-
Lines of natural kintsugi in a sea-
Polished pendant pebble takes the mundane
From every grain, for your dirt is jewellery
And you give us time to finally be,
So we can add to the beauty of you
The pebbles of the beaches of Corfu.

Image Attribution: Silje Lilly

Peter Lilly Is a British poet. Originally from Gloucester, he studied Theology in London, where he then worked with the homeless for 5 years. He now lives in Mauguio, France, with his wife and son, and works in church planting and community building. He has keen interests in theology, specifically ecclesiology, in the philosophy of the imagination, and sociological development. His poetry is especially inspired by his faith, his love of theology and philosophy, his work with vulnerable people, and his beloved family.  Find more of his poetry at his blog: or follow him on twitter: @peterlillypoems