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We at Macrina want to feature pieces that cut to the essence of contemporary sociality and religiosity, works that reflect the fundamental social, spiritual, material, and personal questions raised by contemporary existence. Though Macrina situates itself within the Christian tradition, submissions need not engage with explicitly religious themes. Our position within the Christian tradition gives us reason to be engaged with the world. We believe that love of God means love of human beings and created world around us, and thus a commitment to interpreting and analyzing the wonder and horror of our common existence. On our view, people stand in anguish and trembling before a transformed, pining, pain-laden world. We welcome all pieces offering incisive commentary on, reflections about, or analyses of the state of things today.


Macrina seeks writing that is clear, concise, and well-structured. While we will consider non-fiction in all its expressions, our preference is for essayistic prose (whether personal, reflective, analytical, critical, or otherwise). Ideal pieces do not express themselves jargonistically or academically but in prose that is legible to (even if it challenges) a broad audience of readers from diverse backgrounds. Above all, we want to feature sharp, incisive, and well-developed prose, regardless of length or topic.

Submissions should be in Chicago Style (when citations are necessary) and Microsoft Word Document (.docx) format.

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