I breathe and choke on air. 
I catch breath and sigh out freely. 
The limits of my heart pull—
And push; opens out toward 
Boundless waves. 
Of oceans azure gray. 

Divinity rushes up from the bottom,
Swells, milks, great earthy boughs 
Of Mother unfiltered, pure. 

Humanity descends from on high, 
Gives, self, person, sweet sister, dearest brother, 
The son I’ve yet been allowed to carry. 

Divinity gusts and gales from the ‘neath, 
Humanity blackens soil already dark, beautiful.

Divinity rushes up from the bottom.
Humanity descends from on high. 

And forever moving 
Inside — out
The Christ asks Nothing 
But all. 

Sarah is a doctoral student in systematic theology.  Sarah’s research has focused on a number of topics at the intersection of philosophy and theology, with a particular emphasis on the ways in which retrieving mystical theology through a phenomenological method might contribute to an Eastern Orthodox discourse on theological anthropology, doctrine of God, prayer, and embodiment in the contemporary context.  She currently lives in Roslindale, MA with her husband, John Thomas, M.T.S, M.S.W., LCSW, and their dog, Mr. Tumnus.